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Established in 1990, we provide customised, on-site Microsoft Office training to all types and sizes of companies in Somerset and the South West of England.

Training courses have been arranged with Government bodies, the NHS Trust, pension companies, solicitors, accountants, manufacturing companies, and many other types of organisations.

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Course Outlines
An Introduction to Computers
Outlook – Overview
Outlook – Introduction
Excel Introduction
Excel Intermediate
Excel Advanced
Further Excel Advanced
Word Introduction
Word Intermediate
Word Advanced
Further Word Advanced
Access Introduction
Access Intermediate
PowerPoint Introduction
PowerPoint Intermediate


Excel Intermediate
Duration: 1 day
Level: The course is designed for delegates who have attended the Introduction course or who are familiar with those topics and wish to extend their knowledge of Excel. 
Objective: By the end of the course, delegates will be able to use multiple worksheets; use large workbooks efficiently; enter more complex formulas involving absolute cell references; use a range of functions, such as the IF function; work with lists of data and create charts.
  • Insert, name, move, copy, delete and group worksheets
  • Use multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Use time-saving features to work with large worksheets
  • Use Go To and paste special
  • Enter formulas in a worksheet using various operators; use relative and absolute cell references
  • Name cells and ranges and use these in formulas
  • Use various functions
  • Cell comments
  • Use advanced formatting techniques to enhance a worksheet (format painter, autoformat and conditional formatting)
  • Sort data
  • Filter data
  • Create charts or graphs


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